Die World Die


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Demo album recorded in February 2005


released August 17, 2014



all rights reserved


ILL CONTENT Oakland, California


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Track Name: Truth
Truth is just another word you hear it often said, but when you turn your back away you just hear lies instead, you close your eyes and tell yourself no this just can't be true, but when it's all been said and done no one's been had but you. Truth not lies you make up alibi's, I can hear the truth burn right through your eyes, it does not matter what you say, deep inside I know it anyways. Years go by and still you choose to just plain disbelieve, you carry that pain all around and wear it like a sleeve, but you're not fooling anyone, you may just fool yourself, time has come for you to put that pain up on a shelf.
Track Name: Keep your Fucking Laws Off My Body
Terminal with cancer I know I'm gonna die, time to pull the plug I see no reason why, who wants to live there life with misery and pain, but they won't let you die, what is it they gain? Keep your fucking laws off my body, keep your fucking laws off my body, keep your fucking laws off my body cause it's my right to die! Why take away a woman's right to fucking choose, who is gonna benefit and who is gonna lose, why bring another life to this stinking place, Give me an abortion from this stinking human race! Keep your fucking laws off my body, keep your fucking laws off my body, keep your fucking laws off my body cause it's my right to choose! We the fucking people, that's a fucking lie! they take away our liberties and restrict our human rights, they're trying to take away all our rights to choose, and if we don't react, we're all gonna lose !
Track Name: T.V.
T.V. makes me wanna hate T.V. makes me wanna cry T.V. make me wanna kill I can not imagine why. T.V. make me wanna fuck T.V. makes me wanna buy T.V. makes me so confused I just think I want to die. Brainwash you beyond control rot a hole right through your mind, tell a fool just what to think subconscious death for the blind. T.V. makes me wanna shit T.V. makes me wanna piss I could really give a fuck whether you make sense of this T.V. makes me really sick T.V. makes me stroke my dick T.V. is a waste of time burned a hole right through your mind.
Track Name: Suicidal Depression
Desperate and angry don't want to live this way, tired and lonely will this ever change, feeling hopeless thoughts of suicide, I'll punish myself for the feelings I hide. Kill myself can't take no more, inner pain like an open sore, hate this feeling I want to die, see no choice just say goodbye, Just say goodbye...Goodbye!