Total Enslavement


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Tracked live to tape 2014 by Bart Thurber at The House of Faith Oakland CA. Cover artwork by Brian Uhl.


released July 4, 2014

Doug Vox
Von Stix
Chad (X-Neurosis) Guitar
Patrick Bass
Greg Guitar

Kevin Reed ( Attitude Adjustment) Co vocals on.
Panic, Suffer In Silence, No More Room, Agenda 21
Noah Landis ( Christ On Parade, Neurosis) Guitar, vocals on
Leviathan State and Electric Piano on Understand This



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ILL CONTENT Oakland, California


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Track Name: Panic
Silently it waits while you are asleep hiding in your tortured subconscious so deep awaiting the darkness longing
for the moment no longer want to suffer this troubled existence
panic consuming can not escape surrounded by madness that I create
no control slipping away eluding restraint attempt to retain
sitting in a darkened room it's cold and wet outside doors are locked curtains drawn the fear burns deep inside mind is scared heart it bleeds contempt and pure disdain a part of me does question why do I remain
feel the darkness burning inside a terrible certainty I can not deny formidable dread I can not resist take me now I insist
Track Name: Suffer In Silence
You put me down when no one's around say nobody likes me and that I'm crazy beating me down with words that are hateful beating me down with emotional abuse. make me feel that I'm defective assassinate my sense of worth blame me for your sick behavior then deny your cruel abuse. suffer in silence I warn you so don't say a word I promise I'll punish you dearly if anyone's heard suffer in silence cause no one will ever believe suffer in silence unless you've the courage to leave
Track Name: No More Room
Too many selfish people on this filthy planet earth no regard for consequences recklessly keep giving birth. what the hell you breeding for need another world war poverty is all around not enough to go around. too many fucking people shitting, pissing on the streets many suffer poverty, cannot afford to eat but people keep on breeding like we live in paradise but now they’re all just clutter and it isn’t very nice. what the hell you breeding for need another world war poverty is all around not enough to go around. No room there’s no room for no more there’s just no more room no room for no more there’s just no more
Track Name: Total Enslavement
Forced submission capitulation the tyranny of despotism It is just a matter of time It won’t be long you will see the end of this humanity
they monitor your every movement total enslavement they monitor your every word total enslavement they monitor your every dollar total enslavement there’s no freedom when you’re trapped in total enslavement. we’ve got to fight a strong resistance a struggle for our own existence If we want to stay alive cause if we don’t we will see
the end of this humanity what’s our future? what’s your future is there a future? there’s no future! In Total Enslavement
Track Name: Agenda 21
Like ghost in the night they’ll take you away you’ll disappear without a trace You will not live to see the day right here in the U.S.A. FEMA death camps our destination for our internment and termination nowhere to hide no way to resist our lives shall cease to exist believe what I tell you nothings ok Ignore all the signs that our future is grave but you don’t care leave it that way people will perish and they shall be enslaved yes we will all be enslaved say that it’s nothing but conspiracy tell me what became of our liberties people will succumb to violent hate prison is the future of the police state who gives a fuck cause the end is near nothing can be done so live in fear
Track Name: Inherit Nothing
The future the promise always was a lie we’re destined to suffer until the day we die. I cannot believe you can sit idly by while you watch the world and humanity die. It doesn’t faze you because you don’t care how can you ignore something that is right there? It won’t affect our lifetime so why should you care If generations later suffer in despair they shall inherit nothing but shame forced to live in a world of pain. so pledge allegiance to your precious flag freedom is only slavery in disguise
Track Name: Self Extinction
The world is slowly dying out no sign of life for the future the only solace to be found are memories of the past. and when it is over we’ll lay inside our graves grateful for death rather than live enslaved. dying world lies in waste conditioned to accept despair extinction of the human race no one even seems to care. too late for us now smile and wave good-bye If we all had cherished life there would be no need to die
Track Name: Understand This
I’ve been cheated of a normal life I cut myself, I’m defective I live in silence I trust no one, I walk alone I fear no death I’m already dead
you ever feel empty feel so out of place as if you don’t fit in with the stupid human race don’t know how to process all the feelings you hide
understand this cause that’s the way it goes others will reject you because they’ll never know exactly how it feels when you’re dying really slow. I was really screwed up and I permeated hate I never understood so I tried to medicate there was no escape from the feelings I felt now I accept the life I was dealt